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Fraser Tea

Minty Green Organic Green Tea

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Minty Green Organic Green Tea is one of our most distinctive and best-selling varieties of tea. Masterfully blended, vibrant green Sencha fuses with Michigan-grown blueberries, frosty spearmint, and invigorating peppermint. The result is a healthy and delicious minty organic green tea that not only tastes refreshing, but is packed with antioxidants and helps support good digestion. Try this tea iced or warm for a refreshing take on a healthy beverage. Includes 12 sachets.

Tasting Notes: Refreshing mint flavors, smooth and light with fruity undertones

Ingredients: Green Tea*, Spearmint*, Peppermint*, Blueberries*, Organic Flavor*, Lemon Balm*, Calendula*, * Certified Organic


50 Milligrams of Caffeine